Remote Seduction Attracts ANY Man


What is remote seduction?  It is a way to attract your man, or any man, without any contact whatsoever.  All it takes is the power of your mind, the ability to visualize and a little practice.  I wrote the book “How to Make Him BURN With Desire…Only For You and it explains in detail how to use remote seduction to attract your man.  The book uses a unique technique that assists you in attracting your “target”.  Your target can be someone you know, an “ex”, a stranger, a co-worker….absolutely anyone.  My technique is unique and there is nothing out there that is like it!

Thoughts are very powerful and while most people don’t realize it they have the power to attract many, many things into their lives.  One of them is a mate.  When you use the power of remote seduction your target will be attracted to you, and drawn to you, without you ever speaking to him.  He will think the ideas and thoughts are his own but they are thoughts that you have intentionally placed there with the power of your imagination and intention.

For instance, if there is a co-worker that you desire and he has paid no attention to you this would be the perfect technique for you.  Flirting is so obvious and it takes your power away from you to seem so available and be the initiator.  It is best to sit back, use the visualization and make him chase you.  And he will be unable to keep you off his mind.  He will find that he is drawn to you so powerfully that he is literally unable to resist.    He will be putty in your hands.  An “ex”….well he is toast when you use the technique because you have been intimate and already know how to push his buttons.  This is a great way to get him back and take back your power, especially if he was the one who broke off the relationship.

How to do it?  First, you need to be in a relaxed state of mind.  I have CDs and MP3s available on my website to guide you and assist you in reaching the optimum “alpha” state of mind.  It is the magical state of mind where desires are answered.   He will immediately feel a strong and powerful thought and presence of you when you use my technique.  The meditation is so powerful many readers have reported themselves having a pleasurable and spontaneous orgasm when they use my RS technique.  It is truly as if you are having a sexual encounter.  He feels it just as powerfully, too.  The power and intensity can be so strong and profound that it will feel real to you both.

Afterwards, bask in the glow and visualize the emotional attachment and bond that has been formed between you and your target.  It is a bond that is emotional as well as physical.  My readers have told me they like to use my  Pussy Whip – Proven, Powerful “Secret” Technique Controls Your Man book technique on one day and the How to Make Him BURN With Desire…Only For You technique on the other.  Alternate and get the best of both worlds.  The techniques are similar but one focuses more on the emotional attachment than the other.

What else happens?  Well ladies, when you use the remote seduction technique men from your past will feel it and frequently contact you, men that are not targeted will be drawn to you, actually men from everywhere will be at your beck and call.  Why?  As you raise your frequency and vibration you will attract men like you’ve never attracted them before.  It is as if you have the inner and outer glow that is achieved usually only after a sexual encounter.  You will have your choice of any man you desire by learning this unique way to seduce a man.  I suggest you use it only on men who are unattached and available.  I do not condone disrupting relationships or marriages by using this on them.  (With the exception of the straying husband and his mistress then I suggest it is a great way to get even and take your power back.)

Learn the technique ladies and build your self-esteem by attracting any man you desire!  Amp up your sexual appeal with a unique Remote Seduction guided meditation.  ONLY AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE:

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Remote Seduction Meditations


Magical meditations that easily and effectively guide you through connecting tso your POI for a sensual, memorable and powerful encounter.  Remote seduction is almost as effective as having a real life encounter.  I call it “spiritual sex” and often my readers will tell me it’s truly orgasmic.  I have a remote seduction program and sexy meditations that will have all men hot for you!

Remote Seduction Meditation Program

Sexy Meditations

What makes guided meditations more effective than just your thoughts?  You’re in a delicious state of relaxation and you’re visualizing as you listen so you don’t have to force a scenario or use your conscious mind to think and direct.  You get intimately involved in feeling the sensations as described to you and that’s 1,000 more powerful than imagination alone.  Your mate feels the excitement and intensity immediately.

My unique “secret technique” allows you to connect effectively and consistently so you aren’t just using your wishful thinking as a means of telepathy.  Go to my website today and listen to the recording on the Law of Physics and “entanglement”.  My secret technique uses entanglement and it works each and every time.

No other meditations use my secret technique since I literally wrote the book.  My books and meditations will make you the most powerful bitch on earth!  😉

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The Miracle Mindset Program

Do you have problems using the Law of Attraction and getting what you want out of life? Want to change it so you are manifesting what you desire and deserve?  This may be my favorite program because it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

If you are one of the many, many people who have tried to use the Law of Attraction techniques without success, or with limited success, The Miracle Mindset may be the book for you. It will teach you simple and effective methods to shift your mindset, and let go of negative and repetitive thoughts, so you can more easily attract what you desire in life.  You see, it isn’t your fault that you keep attracting the things you don’t want.  It’s the mindset and belief you’ve created unintentionally during your entire lifetime – without even realizing it!

This mindset is ingrained into your psyche because it began at birth, and continues till this day, and it affects everything in your life.  You can’t force the mindset to change – try as you may to do it – but you can cause it to positively shift by using this effective program.

Are you ready to shift your mindset? In this book you will learn how to:

  • Stop sabotaging yourself and begin to attract more of what you desire;
  • Clear out your subconscious baggage from as far back as childhood;
  • Replace a defeated attitude with one of confidence;
  • Attract and resonate with a compatible partner;
  • Heal your body, mind and soul and create a healthy and energetic YOU;
  • Live an inner and outer world of love, gratitude and peace;
  • Have more self-esteem and self-worth than ever before;
  • Resonate with the energy of wealth and financial security;
  • Create a loving union with your mate through the power of your entanglement;
  • Have a better sex life and marriage by strengthening your energetic connection;
  • Initiate guidance and get answers from your subconscious or superconscious mind;
  • Energetically connect with others using a specific technique;
  • Live the life you desire to live!

Check out the book available ONLY on  The Miracle Mindset Book

Check out the program available ONLY on my website:  The Miracle Mindset Program

10 Things Men Find Sexy

woman on man's back

Men surveyed say it isn’t about the sexy appearance of a women that turns them on as much as the following personality traits. Physical attraction is a good start but it isn’t going to keep him hooked forever.  These traits just may….

1)    INDEPENDENCE  Men love it when a woman has her own life and world and doesn’t depend on him to be by her side 24/7 because she’s co-dependent.  They want a woman who loves her world and, although she desires a mate, doesn’t just need someone (anyone) to fill the role of mate.  They feel special when they are chosen if they think the woman can live without him IF he isn’t the “right” one.  It makes them try harder to please her and be a good partner.

2)   CONFIDENCE  There is nothing sexier than a confident person! That means that you’re comfortable in your own skin and, while you have imperfections as we all do, you don’t let them make you feel less beautiful.  Men say a woman who walks into a room with confidence, whether she rates a 10 or a 2, will get their attention over someone more beautiful but less confident.  When you know who you are, love who you are and value yourself as a woman you exude a confidence that radiates sexy.

3)   BOUNDARIES  Believe it or not men don’t want to take advantage of women and have them accept their bad behavior.  They want a woman who says “hey, not so fast buddy you aren’t putting it over on me” and is willing to walk away from the relationship if their mate doesn’t treat her right.  Women who become doormats lose the attention and respect of their partners and it’s difficult to get it back.  Set your boundaries early and let him know when he’s crossed them.  He will love it that you love yourself to do it and he will find it super sexy and hot.

4)   HONESTY  Playing games is best kept in the bedroom and not in a relationship.  Be honest about who you are, what you want in your relationship, what you expect from him and all other things big and small.  Hate football?  Don’t pretend to love it because he’s a football addict.  Let him know you’re only there because of him and he will love you more.  An honest woman is a confident, secure woman and there is nothing hotter.

5)   OPINIONATED  You don’t need to voice your opinion non-stop but don’t be afraid to upset the status quo by keeping your opinions to yourself.  Voice your concerns in the relationship, tell him he would look better in a different shirt, let him know when he’s displeased you BUT do it in a kind manner.  Be “kind, honest and specific” when voicing your opinion and then LET IT GO.  Harping on a subject will drive him nuts and away from you.  Having an honest opinion, even if it is totally opposite from his, is respected and sexy.

6)   SENSE OF HUMOR  Laughing in a relationship is the key to a longlasting future together.  Whether it’s big or small, at yourself or at something silly, laughter makes the relationship last.  Women who take themselves too seriously are a turnoff.  Women who enjoy being silly or outrageous are a turn-on.

7)   AFFECTIONATE  A touch, a hug, a kiss, holding his hand or any form of touching is the biggest turn-on for your guy!  Men say they love it when their mate reaches out to them and makes them feel desirable.  Don’t always wait for him to be the one to show affection.  Let him know you can’t keep your hands off him, in a non-sexual way, and he will be putty in your hands.  Men see affectionate women as confident women!

8)   POSITIVITY  Men interviewed say that women who look for the positive are much sexier than the women who try to be sexy.  While the elusive, brooding women in movies may look sexy it’s the positive nature in women that men can’t resist.  That woman who looks at the bright side of things, doesn’t go to the dark side (at least very often), talks about the positive things in the relationship and looks for the good in others exudes sexiness.  Having issues with your mate?  Spend 24 hours finding the positive in him and share those things with him (not all at once) and he will be putty in your sexy hands.

9)   FRIENDLY  A man wants a woman that his friend’s want to be around. If he loves you he will tell his friends all about your greatness because he wants to pave the way for them to like you.  Being open, friendly and engaging makes a man proud to be with you.  Whether it’s around men or other women don’t let your insecurities or jealousy out.  Friendly women aren’t afraid of other pretty, confident women because they are right there with them.

10) BOLD  Do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do and be open to new adventures. Men say they find boldness in women a sexy and endearing trait.  Trust that he wouldn’t ask you to do something that would jeopardize your life and be adventurous enough to try new and different things.  Being a sex goddess in his eyes makes it worthwhile!


Letting Go Of A Relationship….

Can you get your “ex” back using the Law of Attraction?   How can you rid yourself of compulsive thoughts about your “ex”?  When should you let go of a relationship? These questions are emailed to me at least once a day and they are crucial in helping you move forward after a breakup.

Letting go of your expectations of getting back together can be the biggest hurdle you face in healing your wounds but you must do it for various reasons:

  1.  In order for the Law of Attraction to work you must send out your desire into the universe KNOWING that it is in the process of creating your desire and returning it to you.  That faith and belief will cause you to find peace while the manifestation works.  If you can’t truly let go in your heart and soul then you are unconsciously blocking the manifestation.  If you believe something wonderful is going to happen in your life then you are elated, happy, peaceful and content in that knowledge.  If you hang onto negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs you will find it pushes your “ex” further away and causes fear rather than peace.
  2.  Compulsively thinking about your “ex” lowers your vibration and creates fear of loss.  Fear is a low vibration and it must be released to manifest.  Change your thoughts when you think of your “ex” and imagine him crawling to your door, begging and pleading to have you back, and you will feel less fearful.  Keep that visual image with you when you find yourself obsessing over him.  The thought should put a smile on your face rather than fear in your heart.
  3. Some things aren’t meant to be and that may be true with your “ex”.  Remember, you broke up for a reason and that reason is called “incompatibility”.  Women tend to gloss over the hard times and remember only the things that were positive about the relationship.  Don’t forget the reasons for the breakup because they can assist you in moving on.  You should always be treasured, loved and treated well in any relationship, whether it is a love relationship or friendship, so don’t settle for less.  If you’ve spent significant time with your “ex” it’s natural to want them back because you don’t want to feel you’ve wasted your time.  However, it takes two people to desire the same thing for a successful relationship so don’t allow it to be one-sided.  Move on and find someone who desires what you desire if you aren’t treated like the treasure you are!

Science Behind “Secret Technique” for Remote Seduction, Love Spell & Get Your Ex Back – Audio



So how are my books different than anything else you’ve read?  Can you really communicate emotions and thoughts to someone?  Does it really work or is it like most self-help or relationship books that give hope but little else?  Can you prove that it works 100% of the time?  These are some of the questions I get from my “sisters” and I can say without a doubt that the technique works!  Don’t just take my word for it.  Science and quantum physics has proven that you are connected and “entangled” with everyone you meet but in order to REALLY influence them there is a specific method I teach in my books.

Entanglement is a term used in quantum physics to describe the way particles of energy can interact with each other regardless how far apart they are. You are entangled with everyone you meet so you can easily interact with them to change their thoughts and behavior.  You are especially and uniquely connected to your mate you just haven’t learned a method to influence them using intention — YET!

You can be sitting next to the person or they can be halfway around the world and you can still interact and influence them.  There is no space, no time and no distance in the world of quantum physics and entanglement. It happens instantaneously!  How does that happen?  Even physicists can’t describe the how, but they have demonstrated non-local effects in numerous experiments.

For example, they have taken subatomic particles that once have been in contact and then they separated them over vast distances. What they saw was that if they changed one particle, the other particle instantaneously changed as well! It didn’t matter how big the separation of these particles was, nor did time seem to play a role. The particles acted as if they were still connected or that they were never separated at all. Einstein famously called this “spooky action at a distance”.

According to quantum physics “entanglement,” can cause effects that are harmonious or negative.  There was a physicist that published an article in a physics journal showing that entanglement affects people.  He had two people meditate together and then separated them into two chambers where they couldn’t see or hear one another. When one person had a light strobed by his eye, it caused the firing of a certain frequency in the brain. Remarkably, at the same moment, the other person’s brain also fired, even though he never saw the light proving that your energy will affect the other person even when done unintentionally.  Imagine if you learned to direct your energy?

I have taught my “secret technique” to others for years with amazing results!  Let me teach you to easily influence others using only your mind and visualization.  My books (Pussy Whip, Manifesting Love and How to Make Him Burn With Desire) will teach you the steps to communicate with your POI and then my meditations will jump start you to success.  I have used the method for YEARS and have been teaching others the power behind the technique with unbelievable results.

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The Power of Subliminal Messages

inner peace.jpg
Your subconscious mind controls your destination but few people know how to program it with positive, life changing thoughts. Subliminal messages do just that!

Subliminal means that you cannot hear the messages because they are embedded into the background of sounds or music. These messages were used in movie theaters ages ago to advertise the popcorn and drinks and they worked but were banned because they were taking advantage of the unsuspecting public.

The subliminal recordings I have done are solely for the purpose of guiding you to get your “ex” back, helping you sleep or giving you positive affirmations. Why would these work in conjunction with regular meditation? First of all, you can listen to them anytime you want because they are not designed to get you into an alpha state of mind. Secondly, your conscious mind sometimes censors positive thoughts, because you don’t believe positive things about yourself or the situation, and it doesn’t allow the thoughts to influence your subconscious mind. Thirdly, it takes no time out of your day since you can listen while you are working, driving or anything you desire to do.

I have had amazing success stories from readers and “listeners” from all over the world. Meditation works wonders and the addition of subliminal MP3s has boosted the success rate even more. I am adding new meditations to the 50 I have on my website now because I want every woman to experience love, happiness, positivity and empowerment. Every woman should feel as if she is beautiful, lovable, strong, desirable, precious gifts because they are.

If you want to begin to change your sex life, learn remote seduction techniques, raise your self-esteem, attraction factor and MORE please check out my website.


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Steps to Attract Men With Remote/Psychic Seduction

1.  Get into a relaxed state of mind and try to get your mind into the alpha state.  It is the perfect state of mind because you’re able to tap into the universal energy.

2.  When you connect with your POI take your time to engage all of your senses.  Touch them, feel them, smell them and make the encounter as real as possible.

3.  Your POI will begin to feel powerful emotions toward you so treat them as you normally would.  Don’t be coy, flirtatious, aggressive or anything out of the ordinary.  Give them time to react to their emotions without “pushing the boundaries”.

4.  Get yourself aroused as well as your POI because that proves you are really connected.  Just as you can have an orgasm in your sleep, just by the power of your mind, you can get aroused enough during your visualization to really FEEL as if the encounter were real.

5.  After the visualization take time to bask in their energy, breathe in their essence, cuddle, kiss and bond.  Why?  You want more than a booty call so this ensures that they are emotionally attached.

6.  Remote seduction creates a bond between you and your POI that is like the feeling of “falling in love”.  If you believe it’s working, and it is, then you should not let fear and doubt creep in.

7.  You will be a magnet to all men so ENJOY IT!  Women should love the attention of the opposite sex as much as men love giving it.  Don’t sit around sad-faced because your POI isn’t beating down your door.  Enjoy the attention of others while you wait for him to react.

8.  You’ll get faster results if you use my guided BWD meditation because you will get into the magical manifesting faster, deeper and longer than trying to do it on your own.

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Let’s make 2018 one of the best years ever by learning powerful, transformative techniques to make positive changes to your life.  Even if you have a life that you’re pretty happy with it never hurts to learn new ways to make it even better.  I hope you will sign up for my YouTube Channel because I will be sharing advice on relationships, Law of Attraction techniques and how to have a better life.

As a life coach and relationship counselor it is my pleasure to help each and every person desiring change to assist them on their journey.  I hope you will join me in making 2018 a beautiful year to remember.  Happy New Year!

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Why Do Men Love Bitches?

Girl Power

I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want.  If that makes me a bitch, okay.” – Madonna

Do men really love bitches?  Or, do they just love and respect women who know their worth, are confident and strong and won’t settle for less than they desire and deserve?  A true bitch may be just an entitled, obnoxious and overbearing woman who is accustomed to getting her way and NO ONE could tolerate that behavior for very long.  Friends, lovers or mates.  But a woman who knows how to stand up for her beliefs, her desires and does not settle for less is a “quality woman” and not a bitch.  Unless you cross her, that is!

How do you get what you desire in a relationship without being demanding, overbearing, obnoxious or considered to be a “bitch” by your mate?  Easy.  Go into the relationship with honesty, integrity and for heaven’s sake do not play games.  My suggestion is to be kind, honest and specific about what it is you are seeking in a relationship and don’t pretend that it is something other than what you want.  In other words, don’t pretend to love sex if you know you can pretty much do without except once a month when you are ovulating.  Don’t pretend to enjoy things because you know he does but the minute you get him you decide you’re tired of pretending.  Don’t tell him that you’re willing to move anywhere to be near him but then won’t move across town.

Kind, honest and specific is the way to have an honest relationship and one that will be lasting.  A friend and well known doctor, who is truly a catch in every way, dated a woman 2-3 times before she said to him “I want a relationship/marriage and I am not willing to waste an inordinate amount of time dating someone who doesn’t… so you have 6 months to either propose to me or we will be done”.  Sound harsh?  Maybe to those of you who fear losing someone by such honesty.  However, he married her before the 6 month period was up.  He found it highly attractive that she was not willing to compromise what she wanted or pretend to be okay until 6 months later when she expected something more.

It’s okay to be the “bitch” who says it’s not okay to be the third person in the relationship (behind his buds or “ex”), it’s okay to tell him you want a monogamous relationship (even if he walks away), it’s okay to say marriage is what you desire (even if he’s a confirmed bachelor), it’s okay to tell him you want children (even if you know he doesn’t), it’s okay to tell him your family is important (even if he is estranged from his), it’s okay to contact him whenever you feel like it (even if he only contacts you occasionally).  I have  friend who will call her man and make him FaceTime her if she wants to prove that he is where he says he is.  Does he balk at the idea?  No, because he knows she has trust issues with him (that he caused) and he cares more about assuring her than he does about the fact that it may be inconvenient.

Wouldn’t you rather lose the person early in the “getting to know each other phase” if they are not your match?  Or would you rather waste months (or years) torturing yourself, losing your self-esteem, having “on again/off again” breakups and enduring heartache ALL because you were afraid to speak your mind and risk being a bitch?  I am proud to be a card carrying “bitch” that doesn’t let anyone walk all over me, disregard my feelings and desires or not make me their number one priority.





two feet making a sign for the letter V in the word love toned

“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”  —  Parker Palmer

Loving yourself means that you honor yourself! Just as you honor others you will not allow someone to take advantage of you, abuse you, use you or be unappreciative of you. Because you love yourself you will set boundaries and not allow others to cross the boundaries. It’s when you don’t love and respect yourself that you allow others to disrespect you and mistreat you.

If you find yourself always doing more for others while receiving less, if you feel as if the world is on your shoulders, if you find that you give 100% in your relationship while your partner enjoys the fruits of your labor, and if you find yourself too exhausted to enjoy life then you are not loving yourself first. You have to take time to relax and regenerate! If you are the “giver” in your relationship, and your partner is the “taker”, some self-love is extremely important to your welfare.  Changing your belief about yourself will change the way you interact with others!

You may be under the misconception that sacrifice will make someone love you more and that is not the truth. Others will love and appreciate you when they feel you love, honor and appreciate yourself. Sacrificing for others does not make them respect you or love you! In fact, it may do just the opposite. You need to value and treasure yourself and what you have to offer to others. You are a unique, one-of-a-kind, beautiful soul and it is time you recognized and loved yourself AND your uniqueness.

One of the best ways to do this, especially if you have a hard time loving and accepting yourself, is through affirmations. Affirmations reinforce positive traits and as you listen or read the affirmations your mind set will begin to shift. It will be uplifting  to your soul, positive for your body and nurturing to your spirit. When is the last time looked in the mirror said “I love you”? Probably never! Maybe today is the day to begin!