Letting Go Of A Relationship….

Can you get your “ex” back using the Law of Attraction?   How can you rid yourself of compulsive thoughts about your “ex”?  When should you let go of a relationship? These questions are emailed to me at least once a day and they are crucial in helping you move forward after a breakup.

Letting go of your expectations of getting back together can be the biggest hurdle you face in healing your wounds but you must do it for various reasons:

  1.  In order for the Law of Attraction to work you must send out your desire into the universe KNOWING that it is in the process of creating your desire and returning it to you.  That faith and belief will cause you to find peace while the manifestation works.  If you can’t truly let go in your heart and soul then you are unconsciously blocking the manifestation.  If you believe something wonderful is going to happen in your life then you are elated, happy, peaceful and content in that knowledge.  If you hang onto negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs you will find it pushes your “ex” further away and causes fear rather than peace.
  2.  Compulsively thinking about your “ex” lowers your vibration and creates fear of loss.  Fear is a low vibration and it must be released to manifest.  Change your thoughts when you think of your “ex” and imagine him crawling to your door, begging and pleading to have you back, and you will feel less fearful.  Keep that visual image with you when you find yourself obsessing over him.  The thought should put a smile on your face rather than fear in your heart.
  3. Some things aren’t meant to be and that may be true with your “ex”.  Remember, you broke up for a reason and that reason is called “incompatibility”.  Women tend to gloss over the hard times and remember only the things that were positive about the relationship.  Don’t forget the reasons for the breakup because they can assist you in moving on.  You should always be treasured, loved and treated well in any relationship, whether it is a love relationship or friendship, so don’t settle for less.  If you’ve spent significant time with your “ex” it’s natural to want them back because you don’t want to feel you’ve wasted your time.  However, it takes two people to desire the same thing for a successful relationship so don’t allow it to be one-sided.  Move on and find someone who desires what you desire if you aren’t treated like the treasure you are!


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